Pins & Noodles

Inner Child


The ‘inner child’ in pyschology (as expressed by writers such as Dr. Eric Berne, Dr. Alice Miller, John Bradshaw) is a childlike part of ourselves which includes all that we experienced and learnt as children. As displayed in some of the images presented the inner child in popular culture is often noted as an inner freedom or childlike capacity for fun and playfulness however in pyschology it is usually referred to with regards to negative behaviour traits and issues. It was Sigmund Freud who first suggested that many mental disorders and destructive behaviour patterns are in some way related to this unconscious part of ourselves. Even if we do not like the therapeutic language or suggestions of pyschology most of can not deny that an emotionally wounded child with unaddressed issues can lead to an adult with behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties. Dependent on ones childhood a persons inner child can be filled with wonder and joy or it could hold the mix of childhood traumas, hurts, fears, rejections etc.

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