Digital Folklore

The Suffering of Light

Reaching a standstill/dead end in his photography Alex Web who had previously worked within the American landscape in black and white started to travel for his photography and in turn found a difference of vibrancy, colour and light which is when he started working in colour. Applicable to this project as my previous photographic projects have both been in black and white and with an urge to show the beauty in diversity and other cultures I knew this project would suit a coloured aesthetic. Web in his book ‘The suffering of light’ describe the ‘searing light and intensity’ of different cultures which starkly opposed the so called ‘gray brown reticence’ of his background. Since this time Alex Web has worked mostly in colour. Similar to Vivienne Sassen already looked at within this project Webb makes use of the beautiful light in these locations and the dark shadows created, the contrast is something I enjoy within my own black and white images so to transfer that to experimenting with colour is a natural progression.

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