Pins & Noodles

Roger Mayne Exhibition

The Roger Mayne Exhibition at the Photographers Gallery was a great example of street photography that features children, we live in a world where photographing children is fraught with understandable issues and  I can not imagine a photographer now getting so many natural and candid street shots. The photos are taken in the 50’s and 60’s in London, Sheffield and Nottingham. In an interview with Mayne’s daughter she declares that Mayne had a ‘horror of artificiality’, life is what gave Mayne his shots. His shots are particularly interesting as the children seem unfazed by the camera maybe this could be attributed to the photographer. There are obviously some images where the subject looks into the camera but a lot are of people just getting on with their life. The exhibition is warm and nostalgic, filled with life and authenticity. In a small room at the back are projectors set up side by side showing 5 screens was seems like randomly flipping through colour photos from ‘The British at Leisure’ series, for some reason his colour photos lost interest for me, based on exactly the title, British people from parties to hunting the photos looked like old family photos from an album found years later, the slides pop from one end to the other making you turn your head uncomfortably to see each photo. For nostalgia purposes the images are fantastic but I wonder if that’s all they are.


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