Zoo Project

Richard Mosse



In my ongoing photography research I came across these images by Richard Mosse and was immediatly attracted to them. Mosse is a conceptual documentary photographer from Ire- land, a nominee member of magnum photos and the winner of Deutsche Borse Photography prize in 2014. The photos pictured are from his project ‘Infra’, as series documenting an ongoing war in the Congo. Mosse has challenged the way war is pho- tographed using a discontinued infrared film which registers Chlorophyll in live vegetation which results in some of the most unusual but beautiful photos. The Congolese rainforest becomes a surreal picture of pink tones, this particular war is a forgotten and invisible war to the rest of the world so to draw attention to it in this way using the huge contrast of the colour tones provides visibility in a fantastic way. I was interested in Richard Mosse’s work as I looked for a different way to portray the zoo environ- ment and especially as these photos also show a human and na- ture experience with the vast beautiful landscapes and yet again its humans that bring the bad to these wonderful places. The contrast is an additional feature that I recognised from my work, Mosse captures the violence and bloodshed of war surround in and by this very feminine colour of pink, the image of soldiers with big guns appearing to be dressed in pink at times and within this bright flourescent environment is almost humourous at times untill you reminded this is real life and death. I love that mix of reality and the surreal element, I find Mosses work both emo- tive and disturbing yet stunning in its beauty, he makes me feel uncomfortable about finding the work beautiful considering the subject matter. I am a fan of any image maker who can present visuals that make the viewer question themselves and the world and these images certainly have that effect on me. The skull in the above photo appears staged yet we know this is real life war and then we feel a sense of unease.

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